Learning Project Piano

I think the video says most of it, special thanks to Kenna, Matt, Nick, and Aaron as far as the musical instrument part goes

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Summary of Learning

Well I guess this is it?  😦


Here is my Summary of Learning video, I tried to incorporate my learning project into it, please feel free to sing along!

After taking mandatory education classes for years, I have no idea how this class could possibly be considered only optional with the way that schools are beginning to cater to this new reality of technology that our society has become submersed in.  This should definitely be a mandatory class.

In this class I’ve joined together with Cynthia, Matt, and Nick for the learning projects (I would’ve hung out with Colby more, but he doesn’t return my texts…

I’ve made a good deal of comments on my fellow students’ blogs, and this blog has had 52 approved comments (it’s crazy how prevalent Spam is everywhere in the web).

I used iMovie, iPhoto and some iTunes to make my Summary of Learning video, and have some websites and computer resources that I will post more of in the coming days, that I will incorporate into my future classroom.  This is my blogfolio after all, so I’ll make it a resource including some of my classic lessons and unit plans.

Thanks for watching and singing along!

Here are the lyrics:

Well I found myself in the classroom, Alec Couros, came to me

He said to join in Twitter, let it tweet

And In our hours of classes, Matt and Nick, tried to distract me,

Always, always asking: “see my tweet?”

“Follow me, see my tweet? Please retweet, oh follow me”

“Watch this video with me – GET KONY”


So I started blogging, YouTube, Google, WordPress,

Accounts are free

A digital identity, for you and me

I’m so insightful, and u know, so are my tweets,

I made an Xtranormal movie,

Bromance veeds, iMovie, a Door Scene, oh iMovie

There are Rant Show podcasts, check my tweets,


And if we teach our students, to harness technology,

They’ll shine into tomorrow, let them free,

Garageband, Edmodo, Goodle Docs, DropBox, Kidblog’ing,

cause they’re neat,

Speak these words of wisdom, let them free


Let them free, let them free, let them free, oh let them free,

Schools must answer the future technology

Piano PT10

Let it Be – I can play the piano a little bit now

I can’t tell you how empowering it feels to finally understand some stuff about musical notes and how songs work via instruments a little bit now after all these years of musical pages being complete mysteries, I feel like it’s an open door to walk into now

Big thanks to Kenna N or Kenna D – one of them really helped me out with my learning goal!

I’m looking forward to trying more songs now

Jam Sesh #2 Piano PT7

So Nick Barnes, Matthew Bresciani, and I got together to try another classic – Let it Be by the Beatles.  We played for a while and I think we’re really close on this one, I think by the next video we may even have a gig or two to consider and I really hope that artistic differences don’t break our band apart before we really have a chance to reach people with our message!

We hope you enjoy the latest from KiNiMa productions:

Jam Session (PIANO PT6)

Matt, Nick and I got together as we’re all learning new instruments and decided to try playing an easy song – see if you can recognize it!

Just a couple things before the videos:

The first video was shot with my computer and the lighting moves around weirdly throughout it, so… yeah, mind that please.  Our apologies.

If you don’t want to watch the weird lighting one, we taped another one too.

We need a band name, and song requests.  Or we could always just continue to master the song we’re working on.

ENJOY (we used Photobooth to film these and iMovie to upload them and insert titles, both on Macbooks)